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My “please just let spring happen already” manicure :3
Ebony and ivory 🎢❀️
Stuffing her face with ice cream and wearing a singing Belle card as a hat, please never change @fwanniestein! Happy early birthday to my sister from another mister!
I decided to put my dotting tools to use and I’m kind of in love with the results!
I got my head sliced and diced today so I’m gonna be rocking the beanie until my stitches come out in two weeks πŸ‘ my head is killing me right now but it needed to be done!
My boss decided I didn’t look Irish enough so she gave me a little bit of green πŸ€ Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Neon vomit. I love it.

Clowning Around by Lush Lacquer over The More The Merrier by Essie with a topcoat of Matte Me Crazy by NYC.
I swear we’re not about to make out, just bumping noses lol. She missed me while I was gone :)
My hair has been on point this whole trip πŸ™Œ
Rainbow row :)